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7 Years Old & Up

6-5-2011-11-23-20-PMWe design the curriculum for each belt class and age group. We have students that range in age from 7 to 70 and we provide the training to let each student progress at their own rate.

TKD is a great family activity. Make family time more than just watching a movie by attending our family classes.

When participating as a family, martial arts provide a unique opportunity for sharing in a non-competitive fun activity. Plus, parents have the opportunity to reinforce the life lessons taught in our martial arts classes at home.

Classes are available 7 days a week for beginners and we have even more options as you move up the ranks.

There are several options ranging from $89 per month to $149.
We also have discounts for second and third family members.

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I love the attention they give to every student and the overall positive atmosphere.
John D'Alessandro