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Our Creed

Our creed is an important part of our training.

Beginning of Class Creed – This oath explains the behavior expected in class.

I will train hard and with discipline
to improve myself mentally and physically
remembering the important lessons of Tae Kwon Do
Respect for all
Self control
and the unbreakable Tae Kwon Do spirit

End of Class Creed – This oath describes the expectations of behavior once a student leaves our studio.

I will be an example to all of goodness and honor,
becoming a champion of freedom and justice.
I will use my martial arts properly to help those in need
and I will never misuse my training.
I will build positive habits and attitudes in myself
and by doing so create a more peaceful world.

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I love Master Turnquist and Mr. LeMere. They are both great with the kids. Actually, all the staff of PAMA are great. Each bringing something great to the table.
Michael Lyman